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In-house and Online Pharmacy

Keeping your busy schedule in mind, we are now offering home delivery service for medications, preventatives and food.

Simply follow our Vetsource link and we will deliver your purchases to your home's door.

When you buy products from North Hills Animal Hospital, you can rest reassured that the products are guaranteed by the manufacturer, and if you have questions or concerns simply give us a call and we will be happy to talk to you.

Affordable Spay and Neuter Surgeries

We take the safety of our precious patients very seriously. General anesthesia can dramatically jeopardize the life of a patient if the appropriate monitoring is not performed. Patient's without monitoring during anesthesia can easily die or can have irreversible organ damage.

In addition to the monitoring we place intravenous catheters on all our surgeries. Without a catheter, if the patient has an emergency during surgery, venous access is extremely difficult if not impossible.

All spays and neuters include:

1. Recheck appointment at no charge 10-14 days after surgery.

2. Pain medication before, after surgery and pain medication to take home.

3. Intravenous catheter for anesthesia and analgesics delivery and fluid administration. Also for emergency use.

4. Anesthesia and anesthesia monitoring every 5 minutes during the surgery.

Parameters monitored: Gas exchange (oxygen, CO2), blood oxygenation-SPO2, blood pressure with doppler and sphyngomamometer, temperature, heart rate, respiration rate, mucous membranes, ECG (electro cardiogram), and apnea monitor (monitors respiration).

5. Very strict aseptic technique. Surgeon wears cap, mask, sterile gown and gloves for every procedure.

We strongly recommend to perform complete blood-work prior to induction to anesthesia. It will give us information about the patient's organ function- Additional fee applicable.

Affordable In-house Laboratory Testing

Heartworm test   $26

Feline Combo Test   $26

Fecal Test   $12

Urinalysis   $18

Complete Blood Count   $25

Comprehensive chemistry profile (14 parameters examined)   $40

Glucose check (single)   $8

Among many other tests!

Digital Radiology

For a flat fee of $115, we take unlimited digital studies of our patients if necessary.

Our brand new digital equipment is capable of delivering high quality images with reduced radiation exposure. The standard of care dictates that we perform at least 3 views per area of interest. We are always keeping in mind radiologic safety for our patients and staff.

Grooming with sedation only

Small dogs <25lbs $85: Includes sedation, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, bath, hair cut and deodorant.

Cats: Shave matts and brush only: $20
Shave matts and brush with sedation: $35
Complete shave down-lion cut done with sedation: $55

Bath only (Bath, and ear cleaning):
Small dogs <20 lbs $25
Medium dogs 20-45lbs $32
Large dogs >40 lbs $40
Feline bath $25

Boarding cats and dogs up to 40 lbs

Currently we are not offering boarding for dogs above 40 lbs. Space available too small for these patients.

Check in anytime before 8pm. Check out 10 am

Small dogs up to 20 lbs: $25/night
Medium dogs 20-40lbs: $30/night
Large dogs up to 65 lbs: $35/night
Feline boarding: $20/night

There will be additional charge of one night for pick ups after check out time unless previous arrangements with Dr. Shuykin have been made.

Puppy Vaccines

Now offering affordable packages for kittens and puppies 6 to 15 weeks of age that include physical exam, intestinal parasite test, deworming, and the required vaccines according to the patient's age.

6 weeks: First puppy visit! We perform a physical exam, play with the puppy, we offer treats and hugs to ensure a happy experience at the hospital. The puppy's nails may be trimmed (at no cost) if needed. The visit is followed by the required vaccine, Canine Distemper – Adenovirus type 2 (Upper respiratory infections vaccine) – Parvovirus vaccine (Immunization against intestinal virus), anti-parasitic medication, and fecal sample collection. Nutrition consult available. Free sample of heartworm preventative. The puppy receives one injection only. We highly recommend that you keep puppies away from doggy parks or contact with other animals with unknown vaccination history until the immunization protocol has been completed.

9 weeks: The puppy is back to the hospital three weeks later for a physical exam and vaccines. At this point, we will start comparing weight and growth curve. We administer a second dose of Canine Distemper – Adenovirus type 2 – Parvovirus vaccine, anti-parasitic medication, and fecal sample collection. We play with the puppy, give him/her hugs, tasty treats and loving. The puppy receives one injection only. Other vaccines such as Lyme (Lyme disease transmitted by ticks), H3N8 (flu vaccine), bordetella (kennel cough vaccine given by mouth), and leptospirosis (zoonotic disease transmitted through contaminated water) are available. One injection given unless other vaccines are requested.

12 weeks: We perform a physical exam, Canine Distemper – Adenovirus type 2 – Parvovirus vaccine, anti-parasitic medication, and fecal sample collection. At this point we can discuss spay/neuter surgery and the appropriate time to schedule it. During this visit we will also boost any Lyme or Flu vaccine. Most likely the puppy's growth chart has made dramatic changes since the first visit! We will be happy to discuss any questions or any concerns you may have. Play, hugs and treats given at each visit. One injection given unless other vaccines are requested.

15-16 weeks: Puppy's last visit. In this visit the puppy “graduates” from the immunization protocol. After the physical exam we will be giving the first rabies vaccine, along with tag and certificate and the very last booster of the Canine Distemper – Adenovirus type 2 – Parvovirus vaccine and anti-parasitic medication. After this visit, the puppy will be due for annual physical exam in a year. Two injections given unless other vaccines are requested.

Kitty Vaccines

We our proud to offer our very special patients feline specific products such as Purevax.

8 weeks: First kitten visit! We have available feathers, toys for our little felines to play with. We deeply understand feline behavior and we take every measure to provide our special patients the best veterinary experience possible. In this visit, we will administer the kitten the first dose of Rhinotracheitis-Calicivirus-Panleukopenia-Chlamydophila vaccine (Upper respiratory infection vaccine) as well as anti-parasitic medication. Fecal sample collection (intestinal parasite test). Free nail trim. Only one injection.

12 weeks: Second visit of the kitten. We will keep track of the kitten's growth chart, and we will be happy to discuss with you any questions or concerns you may have regarding nutrition, behavior, litter box selection, etc. We will administer the second dose of Rhinotracheitis-Calicivirus-Panleukopenia-Chlamydophila vaccine as well as anti-parasitic medication. Fecal sample collection. In this visit, Feline Leukemia vaccine will be administered. Treats, play and tender care available in each visit. Two injections.

16 weeks: Third and last visit! We will administer booster dosages of Rhinotracheitis-Calicivirus-Panleukopenia-Chlamydophila vaccine, Feline Leukemia vaccine, and the kitten's first rabies vaccine. Anti-parasitic medication. Three injections. After this visit the patient will be due for annual physical in a year.

We would love to see kitties every year for their annual physical exams. Each year and in every visit, we perform a very thorough exam to detect changes in weight, hydration, dental disease or any other abnormality. Cats are extremely good at hiding ongoing illnesses. When a kitty shows signs of illness (not eating, lethargy, abnormal behavior, hiding underneath furniture, ect) in most cases potential conditions are in their terminal stage. At North Hills Animal Hospital we offer our clients a very affordable feline blood analysis package to assess the patient's organ function and to detect diseases in early stages. We put our heart in your feline friend's care and we want him/her happy and healthy for many years.